8 Reasons to Celebrate

August 14, 2017

Michigan HB4691 passed Judiciary Committee

  • Chair of Judicial Jim Runestad – HB4691 passed the House Judicial Committee


North Dakota LW4SP study showing disparity in rulings

  • Opponents of shared parenting have always claimed custody cases are ruled on fairly and impartially
  • New analysis by LW4SP which calls into question impartiality
  • Wide variations in outcomes of judicial rulings based on geography of the 8 judicial districts.  Avg was from 24% to 48% for joint custody rulings


New Jersey Supreme Court Ruling

  • Affecting custodial parents moving out of state
  • Mother was attempting to move children from NJ to Utah against the wished of the father.
  • Previously – there was presumption that children were happiest when custodial parent was happiest
  • New ruling , in favor of the father, the social science showing that children need continuous contact with both parents.


US Supreme Court Ruling

  • Sessions vs  Morales-Santana, June 2017
  • One of only a few Supreme Court cases that have decided family-law issues on the basis of fundamental rights, making it especially important because the constitutional principles it sets out will now apply to all laws, both state and federal, everywhere in the country.
  • The court seems to have used this case to make a deliberate statement about fathers’ rights.
  • Opinion written by Justice GinsburgBasically struck down a law that assumes unwed mothers influence of their children more than unwed fathers.

No important governmental interest is served, by laws grounded…. In the obsolescing view that unwed fathers are invariably less qualified and entitled than mothers to take responsibility for nonmarital children…..More generally, when a law’s objective is to exclude or protect members of one gender in reliance on fixed notions concerning that gender’s roles and abilities, the objective itself is illegitimate.”

Events across Midwest – Postive

  • Protest fatigue after Ferguson/Baltimore – 82% negative view of protests
  • Instead creating solution oriented events which is having a great pull on legislators –    More engaging
  • 15 legislators have now called me to be a part, Mtg w Gov of MO end of month
  • IL State Fair – 1st Place – Jesse West Sr
  • St Louis – September 24
  • Throughout MO – Cape Girardeau, Springfield, Columbia, KC
  • Michigan
  • Springfield, IL
  • Kentucky


Unity Developing

Changing the old stigma forced on us by the Bar Assn

  • TFRM
  • LW4SP
  • NPO
  • Dads Can Too
  • IL Fathers
  • IL Fathers for Equality


Ohio Supreme Court Ruling

In the casere Adoption of PLH, stopped an adoption and handed child over to his father.


Kenneth Goins speaking at MO Bar Family Law Conference in Branson, MO

Cheryl Feinberg