Father’s Day Special


June 18, 2017


What is Father's Day?

 Day set aside to celebrate Fathers & their contributions

 24.6 million children in America will go to bed without their father tonight. 

 Over 10 million kids have not seen their father in over one year.  Many of them left by choice, but no one could possibly believe the fathers of 24 million kids all walked out.  The truth is more than half of them are actively seeking more quality time


A Personal Story

 8 years ago, if a father wasn't involved, I'd assume he was avoiding responsibility

 My first Father's Day, I was denied contact with my son

 204 days of no contact 

 Found millions of other fathers' seeking time with their child(ren)


Why Should You Join Us?

 We are not playing the blame game; we are using the past to change the future

 Not to be intimidated by claims of "public shaming"

 Think of the first time your child was gone for more than one night....

 Remember the empty feeling, like part of you was missing?

 Remember wondering if your child would be okay?

 Remember wondering if your child would be safe?

 Imagine that feeling 24-26 nights a month, every month

 How much could your child learn if they only attended school 4-6 days a month?

 How long could you keep your job if you only showed up for work 4-6 days a month?

 How is a child supposed to have a normal father-child relationship if they only see their child 4-6 nights a month... or even less?


Imagine This...

 Spending every penny you have on legal fees just to get a few extra days of memories....

 Trying to hold a job when all you can think about is how much you miss your child(ren).

 Walking down the hallway and seeing your child's door closed because you can't stand the pain of seeing an empty room.

  Driving to work every morning and seeing the kids waiting for the school bus and wishing you could see your child(ren) that morning.

  After work seeing the neighbor kids playing ball in the yard with their dad or learning to ride a bike, and the whole time, you'd give everything you have for that chance with your child(ren)


Now think of your child's perspective, and imagine this...

Having your hero (your dad) ripped away from you as a child?

The memory of waiting for dad to come home to you could play ball before dinner erased from your mind?

Being told you cannot have a father?



 63% of teen suicides

 70% of juveniles in state operated institutions

 71% of high school drop outs

 75% of children in chemical abuse centers

 85% of those in prison

 85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders

 90% of homeless & runaway children


Studies Show

 52 English Parenting Studies have been conducted and 51 show shared parenting is better for a child emotionally, physically, and behaviorally

 Dr. Malin Bergstrom's study of 150,000 teenagers found shared parenting to be 2nd only to intact families in promoting children's mental health

 110 social scientists worldwide reached a consensus that even the youngest children do better in shared care than those in sole care

 Infant and Mental Health Journal suggests positive father-infant interactions beginning as early as 3 months can impact cognitive abilities at 2 years old


Children Grow Up

 85% of adults who were children of divorce wanted more time with their fathers

 93% of adults who were children of divorce and had equal time believed it was best 

 70% of adults who were children of divorce knew their fathers wanted more time and wanted to live equally with them but also knew their mothers opposed it



Cheryl Feinberg