How To Deal With Media

June 5, 2017

Realize – the goal of the media is to get viewers.  If your story is not compelling enough, they can create one


 Clear – easily understandable

 Concise – short and to the point

 Compelling – must be able to draw in viewers

 Credible – must be believable with public & interviewers


Clear – Easily understandable

 Talk in simple language, do not try to use language to impress

 Remember to talk to people outside the community, not to your followers

 Always assume viewers have never heard of your issue

 Use analogies

 Give Examples

 Use soundbites


Concise – short & to the point

 Biggest fear of media is that you will change the channel

 Do not get long winded

 Do not get into minute details

 Bullet point summary, not play-by-play

 Don’t detail rebuttable presumptions


Compelling – goal is to draw viewers in

 Must be an emotional aspect

 Kitchen table theory: how does this affect average American at the kitchen table?

 Personal testimonials




 Build relationships with reporters

 Undersell & overproduce – don’t tell them you expect 500 people if only 7 show up.  Win the battle but lose the war

 Use discretion when asking for coverage – Too often & they ignore

 Help them & they will help you – plan shots, angles, lighting, banner setup

 Dress appropriately

 Watch the language

 Never lose your cool!!!!!!

 Always thank reporters for covering issue


Final Tips

 If your story is not clear, concise & compelling – YOU will be the story!!!!

 Never lose your temper, always remain calm

 Be prepared for questions, do your homework – Expect to be challenged and have answers ready

 EDITING – EDITING – EDITING:  If you’re not concise, they will make you concise and probably not positively


Cheryl Feinberg