Garrett Mees is a father of six children.  Two biological and three adopted.  Now remarried, he also has one stepchild.  In addition, he has two grandchildren and four great grandchildren, three of which he has never met.  Going through a divorce in 1999, he lost the right to be a full time father to his children and like in so many cases, became alienated from them.  Now as an active community leader, he strives to bring communities together and strengthen families.




Additional Affiliations

Hancock Place School Board, (Treasurer) 2010 - present

Special School District Governing Council, (Chairman) 2011 - present

State Representative, (Candidate) 2014

Lemay Neighborhood Association, (Chairman) 2015 - present

Board of Directors

Paul Berry III

Dr. Darren Kirchner

Mark Ludwig

Garrett Mees

Mason Weaver