Capitols for Kids Tour Tickets



Since the kick off of the Capitols for Kids Tour in Washington, DC in May of 2018, American’s for Equal Shared Parenting is now coming to your state to help effectuate legislative change and ensure children have equal access to both fit and loving parents, regardless of marital or relationship status of the parents.   All of these events will be open to the public.   This educational and inspirational event will meet the following goals:

  • Giving people hope by showing the progress the community is making
  • Starting to be heard by top tier legislators
  • Educating members of the community on the proper methods needed to continue this progress
  • Recap 2018 gains by celebrating small victories, making critical networking connections and strategize for the years ahead.
  • Unifying into a state (and even national) community to break through the decades of media silence by leveraging existing victories as we tackle the country state by state and help everyone understand that we must all work together to truly affect change.
  • Bring a more professional image to help fight the narrative created by the Bar Association of a bunch of angry dads protesting on street corners;
  • Educate and inform legislators, mental health professionals, lawyers, judges, and most importantly, community leaders within the state


For more information on each event, please visit the Capitols for Kids Tour Website.