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Pairing with Dr. Mark David Roseman, PhD, CFLE, Americans for Equal Shared Parenting is proud to offer Preserving Family Ties:  An Authoritative Guide to Understanding Divorce and Child Custody, for Parents and Family Professionals at a special rate!

Preserving Family Ties was written to give a clearer understanding of the complexity in child custody when parents separate.  The author presents the social research relating it to current child custody decision making, then demonstrates how better child custody decisions can be determined to improve child outcomes.  Importantly, too, Preserving Family Ties provides you the historical context for the changes you experience, what you may fear, and why.

This book will help you understand that one can move forward best when they acknowledge your feelings as you endure so many life changes, often abrupt and unexpected, recognize the obstacles and options in the child custody and divorce process and seek support from family, friends, community resources to affect the best transition for you and your children.

There is no magic wand to solve problems that parents may encounter, real or imaginary. However, our imagination can play havoc with this journey of family transition. The future we prefer for our children, for each parent, for grandparents and other extended family members, can be far better than imagined.

The paperback version (ISBN13 9781973609537)  and the hardcover version (ISBN13 9781973609520) are both perfect bound 6″ x 9″ books consisting of 268 black and white pages.