Recap of the St Louis Shared Parenting Event

July 24, 2017


Different strategies for different events

 Baseball – sacrifice fly vs long ball

 Football – some plays call for passing, some for running

 Dress – differently for job interview than for a party

 Clean garage floor different than kitchen floor



We had a packed room

 Suzanne Venker LW4SP

 Quite a few legislators

 Rep Kathy Swan – Talked about success of HB1550

  • Presented official Resolutions to each Team Member

 Rep Paul Curtman, Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee

  • Talked about how to get attention of legislators

 Linda Reutzel – person who started it all

  • Talked about conference in Boston

 The Times Newspapers

  • Front Page coverage 1/3 of page, followed by 2/3 page on page 6


All in all, great event

 Large numbers

 Raised awareness

 Gave hope

 Media Coverage

 Impression on Media

Tips & Ideas


  • Know your audience……..the real audience
  • Harry Sonneborn – McDonalds – Franchising Realty Corporation – Real Estate Business
  • Real audience was not the people in the room
  • Real audience was legislators & media who did not attend but will hear about success of the event.
  • Secondary audience was legislators who were present


Two types of events:

  1. Raising awareness with media and/or legislators
  2. Details of activity – Legislation, CPS oversight, etc


Raising Awareness Events

 Macro view – Not too detailed 80/20 Rule

 Must have Legislator or other personality as the draw

 People outside the Movement (Legislators/Media/80%) do not know or have appreciation yet for those in the inner circle.

 Goal is larger numbers.   But to get larger numbers, cannot be too detailed.  Even though we like the details, 80% get lost and loose the raw excitement.  Sell the sizzle, not the steak.   (the steak comes at smaller meetings).

 United common theme, don’t cover too many issues or event gets too complicated

 Only need one commitment to use as leverage for others.  Realize, with legislators, conflicts of schedule arise at the last minute, so you usually need at least 2-3 confirmed so you don’t end up with no one.


Details of activity – Legislation, CPS, oversights, etc.

 Usually much smaller group, 20%.

 Don’t necessarily need & probably won’t get well known personality or group of legislators.

 Willing to help in any way I can.

 Very specific niche – raising awareness and funding for shared parenting legislation – working in conjunction with TFRM, LW4SP, NPO, etc


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