Secrets to Avoid Having Legislation Stall

May 29, 2017

15 Components and Strategies for Political Progress

 Pre-file the Bill.  Get it at the front of the list.

 Strong bill sponsors and preferably co-sponsors.

 Build and maintain a relationship with the Speak of the House and Committee Chairs.

 Leverage the relationships.  Just like playing billiards, one shot lines you up for the next.  Have one legislature introduce you to others.

 Know the backgrounds of legislatures:

 Who has been affected by our issues?

 Who are attorneys?

 Who are key donors?

     Utilize the 6 degrees of separation.

 Build relationships with staff members.

 Build coalitions.  Don't use the Lone Ranger approach.

 Be willing to collaborate and accept help.  Don't be a control freak.  Partner with:

 Attorneys who are supportive.

 Key donors who are supportive.

 People who are willing to help.  Let them be a part of it.  A large team of people, each understanding their roles is important.  You can't win with 2-3 people on the team.

 Know your biggest opponents and watch what they do.

 Know your personality temperaments and those of legislators and team members.  Match them accordingly.

 A large database of educated members.  (Recommended reading)

 Issue centralized and strategic Calls to Action.  We cannot win with only five or six e-mails to legislatures.  We must have dozens or hundreds of people ready for  a call-to-action.

 Get involved in campaigns of state representatives and state senators.

 Funding is necessary for radio ads, billboards, etc.  (You can help support the general fund here.)

 Media relations are incredibly and need to be strategically timed.



 No protests.  They will only sabotage our efforts.

 NEVER lose your temper.

Cheryl Feinberg